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Updated: February 13, 2017 7:44 PM

Minutes from January 15th, 2017

Generally meetings will proceed in the following format, with exceptions made to accommodate speakers and special presentations:

2:00 - Arrival (use of library books, etc.), plant display, plant sales

2:30 - Welcome and announcements; any further business

2:40 - Cactus of the Month

2:50 - Succulent of the Month

3:00 - Break

3:15 - General Program

4:30 - Dismissal


Meeting called to order by President Karen Summers at 2:10 pm.
Introduction of new officers. Adrian will train Lisa for the treasurer position. Denise has agreed to keep The Point going. She has also been helping with program ideas.
Steve Casebolt will continue with COM and SOM. Karen reviewed the COM/SOM process and expectations. Don't have to have the plant, but someone may bring one in.

Treasurer Report: Adrian - $8,527.39 balance. Up $2,262+. The sales, the rescue collections, and change of meeting space have been helpful.

Old Business: Open position of Program Chair needs to be filled. Great for someone who is organized and into research. We need people to help organize events. In July, we will not have a picnic at the Conservatory; however, someone needs to be in contact with the Park to make sure it is set up and cleaned up - Grace Popoff has stepped up. Then in August the picnic will be at a member's house - George K has stepped up. We will set up a work party to help get the space ready. A host is needed for the Holiday gathering in December. Refreshment tub handler is needed - have to come to most meetings or be able to hand off.

The job is bringing the tub, and to set up and maintain inventory.

Show Table: this is something larger clubs do. The point is to honor folks who grow plants at a higher level, and how to present plants. You can just bring in the plant to brag about, or you can have it judged. Steve C. did a program last year. Want to get a group together to decide how the show should work and should it continue. Bill H and Steve C.

Web site: Using Weebly is user friendly and low cost. No word on the domain yet. Adrian has been trying to get hold of the owner of the domain. Need to sort out how to make this work out best for the club. It gives us a way to be connected to other club's website. Carol asked about how the website would be used - would post the minutes, schedules, recipe area, contacts, a member's forum, growing tips. Infrastructure of current site is a mess and need to move forward with a new website. Karen S. and Bill H. and Lisa will meet this month. Question about how active the Facebook site is. Relatively new for the club. Little activity right now. Lisa is able to post items. It is a good forum.

New Business: Denise - weekend trip has happened every year. Not been to Oregon for awhile. Want people to start thinking about Oregon for 2018. Denise will help coordinate but only if someone helps. Lisa has agreed to help with this planning.

Brag Plants: George showed two succulents. An orchid in full bloom and a twenty year old Rhipsalis that was in bloom. He noted the flat stems which flower and the thin stems which help the plant to stretch out to new territories.

Plant MD: What is the best way to get rid of mealy bugs? George said use Imidacloprid - this is absorbed through the roots. There is talk this is harming the pollinators, but if you use it in your greenhouse it should not harm the bees.

Karen said she uses rubbing alcohol, either with a Q tip, or 50% spray. Someone used 409. Another is Marathon - granulized systemic added to the soil, found to be very effective with mealy bugs. Some orchid club members put this in their soil mix. Marathon does have imidacloprid. Jack suggested eBay as a place to purchase.

There was a question about gnats. George - they are likely fungus gnats. Gnatrol, sprayed on the soil is helpful to get rid of fungus gnats - A quarter inch of pebbles or fine gravel also keeps the gnats out. George suggested going to Manufacture Minerals in Southcenter for large quantities of stone and is an inexpensive place to get rock material.

SOM Conophytum klinghardtense.
COM Sonya's Epiphyllum - the mystery plant.

Show Plants Judged: We ask for two judges - Steve will work with someone on judging. Lisa volunteered to judge with Steve. The orchid won the show as the succulent (George). There was discussion if this should be continued as part of the meeting. Steve and Bill will meet to come up with a proposal on this.

Program: Making dish gardens. Thanks to the members who brought plant material, pots, top dressing, rocks and soil. Members also had the opportunity to make their first Sculpy pot lead by Lisa Alba.

Snacks for the break time were brought by members ending in M-Z.

Meeting called to close by Karen at 4:15 pm.

Minutes Respectively Submitted by:
Bill Hickey, CCSS Secretary









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