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Updated: March 15, 2017 9:38 AM

Minutes from February 19th, 2017

Generally meetings will proceed in the following format, with exceptions made to accommodate speakers and special presentations:

2:00 - Arrival (use of library books, etc.), plant display, plant sales

2:30 - Welcome and announcements; any further business

2:40 - Cactus of the Month

2:50 - Succulent of the Month

3:00 - Break

3:15 - General Program

4:30 - Dismissal


Karen called the meeting to order at 2:10 p.m. She asked for a volunteer to do the minutes because Bill had to work today. Carol Parks volunteered.
Several visitors introduced themselves.

Treasurer Report: Adrian said the checkbook balance is $7,667.

Old Business:
1. Karen asked for people to sign up for Cactus and Succulent of the Month. She suggested that speakers can do research on a plant and make a five minute presentation about the plant. A sign up sheet was passed around.
2. Karen reminded members who bring refreshments need to take home any left over food. Snacks will be provided on alternate months according to the last name starting with A-M, and N-Z. A-M brought refreshments for today's meeting.
3. A large coffee maker was used at the last meeting. Be careful when using the coffee maker to put the handle back to the neutral position after filling your cup. The coffee will drain onto the floor if the spigot is left open.
4. Adrian said Cactus Mall still has our domain name and we may have to use a new name.

New Business:
1. Karen reported that the Christmas party/meeting was so well attended that several members feel we should have a larger space. Denise has volunteered to inquire about larger spaces, with the idea that the cost would not exceed $20 per person.
2. CCSS of America has not yet sent a registration form for their annual meeting. Our club will pay the registration fee for a member to attend. Ed Jackson and Karen said they would like to attend.
3. Nick reminded us that the Flower and Garden Show will be next weekend in Seattle. He thought it would be nice if we had a table at the show advertising our club. Karen said she thinks the price would be prohibitive.
4. The bookmarks on the front table have the year's list of programs.
5. Karen said there is a sheet on the table for new members to sign. Karen will make name tags for the new members.
6. New member Jade, suggested trying a new way to provide the snacks for our meetings.
Jade said she has been impressed with a service called Amazon Fresh. They deliver to your door. Adrian said we do not have a club credit card and we don't have the meeting at our present location every month. There was a lot of discussion about the service. A motion was made, seconded, and carried to try the Amazon Fresh service for the March and April meetings. Jade and Claudia will coordinate to order the service, with a $50 expense limit.

Brag Plants:
Jamie showed a seven year old sinningia that he grew from seed and he waters it with a wick. Karen showed Mae's planted wine corks attached to metal with magnets. Live succulents could also be used in this project.
SOM: Steve Casebolt presented Pepperomia, a member of the pepper family. It is propagated by stem cuttings. He also showed a barrel cactus that he grew from seed. He recommended Mesa Garden in Belen, New Mexico, as a good source for cactus and succulent seeds. Nick showed a flowering jade plant.
Show Plants: A dish garden in a nicely made pot and a rhipsalis were brought by the same person.
After the refreshment break, members got seeds from small packets that Karen distributed on tables and we planted seeds in small pots. The following growing tips were shared with members:
Nick said he uses Steerco Potting Soil or GroCo organic soil and after the seeds germinate and are large enough, he uses tweezers to separate the plants, and plants them individually. Adrian said he starts seeds in little pots, waters them, and encloses the pot in a plastic bag. Open the bags after the seed germinates. It is important to have good air circulation to prevent mold. Vinegar can be used to kill mold. Steve said he leaves lights on for 24 hours when the seeds first germinate. Remove the plastic bag after germination. Use a spray bottle to water once or twice a day to keep the soil moist.

The meeting was adjourned at 5 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by,
Carol Parks, Acting Secretary









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