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Updated: February 13, 2017 7:46 PM


We had a good turnout for our first meeting of 2017. Thank you to all who showed up, pitched in, and enjoyed our hands-on program.
I look forward to another interesting program for February with our Growing From Seed panel presentation. I heartily thank all those who stepped up to do Cactus of the Month, Succulent of the Month, program presentations, judging our shows and volunteering information at the meetings.
This connects to our roots as a cactus study group with a mission for education.

I want to express appreciation to Lisa Alba, our new 2nd treasurer who jumped in wholeheartedly when Denise asked for help planning a weekend trip in Oregon. With those two doing the planning, I know it will be a fun and well organized trip. I look forward to seeing what they come up with. Lisa also shared her Sculpy skills with us, helping us make some imaginative little pots to take home.

Seeing the creative talents of members in filling pots with all the lovely plant matter donated by Adrian, Mark, Karen and Bill, Carol, Steve, and Nick was exciting. Since we didn't get to see many of the finished products, I'd like to have a display of our cactus gardens at our June meeting so we can enjoy the different styles.

Steve returned from his extensive travels to do two well planned COM and SOM presentations. He has a lot of knowledge and it's always good when we get a chance to learn from Steve.

We had a whirlwind clean up from our activity based program and special applause goes to Karen Hart and Steve Casebolt for sweeping, sweeping then sweeping again to leave the carpet as clean as possible. Double thanks since they travel a good distance to come to our meetings. There were many helpers and donators who made last month's meeting such a good one.

Many thanks to George Krasle for volunteering to host the August 13 summer picnic and to Grace Popoff (and Nick) for offering to organize the July visit to The Conservatory.

For me, a focus this year is involvement. I'm looking for ways that members can get more involved in the club because I know from personal experience that the more involved I am, the more I've gotten out of the club. I've even learned to identify plants by Latin names some of the time!

Through involvement we can make stronger social connections and that's what really makes us want to keep coming back. There's no task too small. Just making coffee helps the whole group out.

I look forward to seeing everyone in February!

Plant Show Table

We will have our plant show table set up. Please consider judging this event.
There are three categories; Cactus, Succulent, Dish Garden.

Plants should be in near perfect condition, have a botanical name, and be in a clean undamaged pot.
Judges will be judging during the break with places announced afterwards.

Karen Summers
CCSS President 2017





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