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  • (10/29/2018) - The fall season is full upon us, with leaves glowing and blowing through the yard.  Not but a month ago, the spaces now claimed by fallen leaves were occupied by … Continue reading Transitions
  • (9/10/2018) - It takes a village to raise a child.  It also takes a village to put on a tremendously successful plant sale.  Our club is small compared to some of the … Continue reading Our Big Sale
  • (9/4/2018) - Our club enjoyed an expanded picnic experience with a morning visit to Elandan Gardens in Bremerton, WA.  It was overwhelming with the amazing plants, ancient trees, and artistry of the … Continue reading Exciting Monthly Meeting
  • (8/7/2018) - Here in the Northwest, we cactus and succulent growers are reveling in “the dog days of summer”.  For us it’s “the succulent days of summer” - our summer heat wave.  … Continue reading It’s Time for the Annual Sale
  • (7/15/2018) - At last!  The weather our cacti and succulents have been longing for since last November: cloud free sunny skies,  high temperatures, long days, little moisture.  We have entered the Pacific Northwest … Continue reading Summer time and the Cactus are Happy
  • (5/31/2018) - Living in the far left corner of the continental U.S. doesn't provide a wide variety of opportunities for cactus and succulent field trips. However, our club was treated to an … Continue reading The Succulents of Tacoma, Washington
  • (4/8/2018) - One trait of a hobby club is the transition of members.  Some stay for years and others attend meetings, get involved then move on for a number of reasons.  Each … Continue reading The Making of a Website
  • (3/23/2018) - While plants are beginning to spring forth from the earth and bloom outdoors, our thoughts turn to our cacti and succulents.  They are beginning to emerge from their cool winter … Continue reading March blog
  • (2/12/2018) - Today we are enjoying a sunny, upper 50's kind of day. One that speaks of spring coming. The crocus are up, daffodils showing color, and birds are singing in surround … Continue reading Growing Cacti and Succulents in the Northwest