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Throughout the years, the club has been able to gather a great collection of books that are available for members to borrow.

Book descriptions, instructions on how to check out, better page format, and images coming soon!

100 Desert Wildflowers of the Southwest
Janice Emily Bowers 1980

101 Essential tips Cacti & Succulents
 DK Publishing 1996

Genus Tillandsia
Isley, Paul 1977

Teratopia, The World of Cristate and Variegated Succulents
Rowley, Gordon 2006

Roehrs 1978

Washington State Cactus and their History
Dixies Dringman

Choosing Garden Suppliers and Varieties
George S. Krasle 1994

Zygocactus (Schlumbergera)
Mark E. Cobia, 1992

The Splendid Sansevieria
Jaun Chahinian 2005

Inexpensive Greenhouses
Eric S Soll

Haworthia Update – Essays on Haworthia Vol 2 part 1
Bruce Bayer 2006

Haworthia Update – Essays on Haworthia Vol 2 part 2
Bruce Bayer 2006

Haworthia Update – Essays on Haworthia Vol 3 part 1
Bruce Bayer 2006

Haworthia Update – Essays on Haworthia Vol 3 part 2
Bruce Bayer 2006

The Garden Succulents Primer
Smith Gideon F. & van Wyk, Ben-Erik, 2008

Cacti and Succulents, Step by Step to Growing Success
Keen, Bill, 2010

Handbook of Cultivated Sedums
Evans, Ronald L., 1983

Succulents – A Wisely Handbook for the Royal Horticultural Society
Innes, Clive, 1989

Succulents – The New Plant Library
Hewitt, Terry, 1998

A Sulco Gallery, Sulcorebutias in Pictures
Pilbeam, John, David Hunt, 2004

Colour Encyclopaedia of Succulents
Japan Succulent Society, 1981

Succulents: Conserving out Treasures
CCSS, 2019

Sulcorebutia and Weingartia: A Collectors Guide
Pilbeam, John, 1985

Succulent Euphorbiaceae of India
Meena Singh, 1994

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Succulents
Crown, 1978

Succulent Container Gardens
Baldwin, Debra Lee, 2010

Designing with Succulents
Baldwin, Debra Lee, 2007

All About Saguaros
Carle Hodge, 1991

Rhipsalis and Lepismium
Supplie, Frank

The Peyote Cult
LaBarre, Weston, 1970

Organ Pipe Cactus
David Yetman 2006

The World of Plants
Kew, Heather Angel 1993

To The Habitats of Pediocactus and Sclerocactus
Hochstatter, Fritz 1990

The Genus Pediocactus-Navajoa-Toumeya, Revised, In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains
Hochstatter, Fritz, 1995

Melocactus Care and Cultivation
George Thompson 2008

The Genus Lewisia
Mathew, Brian 1989

Pritchard, Albert, 2010

The Mammillaria Handbook
Craig, R.T., 1998

Neavida Cairns, 1990

Madagascar A Paradise at Risk
Marc Teissner et al, 2006

Growing the Mesembs
Storms, Edward, 1976

Succulents for the Contemporary Garden
Yvonne Cave, 2003

Gymnocalycium – A Collector’s Guide
Pilbeam, John, 1995

Lithops, Treasures of the Veld, 2nd Edition
Hammer, Steven A. 2010

The Genus Haworthia, a Taxonomic Revision
Scott, Charles L., 1985

Growing Winter Hardy Cacti in Cold/Wet Climate Conditions
Spain, John N., 1997

Flowering Cacti
Rayzer, G. unk,

Plant Jewels of the High Country – Sempervivums and Sedums
Helen Payne, 1972

Pilbeam, John Bowdery, Derek, 2005

The Taxonomy and Ecology of The Genus Ferocactus Explorations in the USA and Mexico
Lindsay, George et. Al, 1996

Gymnocalyciums Handbook No. 5
Putnam, E.W., 1978

The New Haworthia Handbook
Bayer, M.B. 1982
High and Dry, Gardening with Cold-Hardy Dryland Plants
Nold, Robert, 2008

Plant Extinction- A Global Crisis
Harold Koopowitz et al, 1983

Echeverias, A Guide to Cultivation and Identification of the Popular American Succulents
Carruthers, L & Ginns, R. 1973

Echinocereus – Special Issue 1
Di Martino, Lino, 1998

Ecehcveria Cultivars
Lorraine Schulz et al. 2005

Donati, Davide Zanovello, Carlo 2011

Popular Exotic Cacti in Color
Lamb, Edgar & Brian, 1975

Donati, Davide Zanovello, Carlo, 2011

Guia Botanica De Cactaceas Y Otras Suculentas Del Valle De Tehuacan
Jorge Meyra Garcia, 1973

Introduction to the Euphorbiaceae
Albert Pritchard 2003

Glossary of botanical Terms with Special reference to Succulent Plants
Urs Eggli 1993

The Genus Fouquieria
Scott, Robert 2013

Etymology of Cacti Genera
Chippendale, John

Exotic Plant Manual
Alfred Byrd Graf 1970

The Genus Echinocereus
Taylor, Nigel P. 1985

Common Edible and Useful Plants of the West
Muriel Sweet 1995

Supplie, Frank

Pilbeam, John, 2011

The Euphorbia Journal Volume 1
Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1983

The Euphorbia Journal Volume 2
Schwartz Dr. Herman,1984

The Euphorbia Journal Volume 3
Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1985

The Euphorbia Journal Volume 4
Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1986

The Euphorbia Journal Volume 5
Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1987

The Euphorbia Journal Volume 6
Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1988

The Euphorbia Journal Volume 7
Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1989

The Euphorbia Journal Volume 8
Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1990

The Euphorbia Journal Volume 9
Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1994

The Euphorbia Journal Volume 10
Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1997

Charles, Graham, 1998

Carnivorous Plants of the World
Pietropaolo, James & Patricia, 1986

Cacti and Other Succulents
Kramer, J. 1992

A Cactus Odyssey
James D Mauseth et al, 2002

Cacti of the Southwest
Earle, W. Hubert, 1973

Caudiciform and Pachycaul Succulents
Rowley, G. 1987

Cacti of the Southwest
W Hubert Earle 1980

Wonders of the Cactus World
Sigmund A. Lavine 1974

Legends of the American Desert
Alex Shoumatoff 1999

Cactus and Succulents For the High Deserts
Eppele, David L. 1993

Gathering the Desert
Gary Paul Nabhan 1993

On The Desert, Essays of the American Deserts
Eppele, David L. 1990

Colorful Cacti and Other Succulents of the Deserts
Lamb, Edgar & Brian, 1974

A Desert Country Near the Sea
Zwinger, Ann, 1983

Colorful Desert Wildflowers of California and Arizona
Ward & Ward 1978

Desert in Bloom
Eppele, David L. 1988

The Living Earth Book of Deserts
Susan Arritt 1993

A Catalogue of the Flora of Arizona
J Harry Lehr 1978

Ariocarpus et cetera
Pilbeam, John & Weightman, Bill, British Cactus and Succulent Society 2006

Bonsai Masterclass
Chan, Peter, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc, 1988

Bromeliads for Home, Garden, and Greenhouse
Werner Rauh 1979

The Remarkable Baobab
Thomas Pakenham 2004

Agaves, Yuccas and Related Plants, A Gardener’s Guide
Irish, Mary & Gary, Timber Press, Inc., 2000

Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum
Ward, William B. 1981

Creating Bonsai
Joe Davies 1995

Gentry, Howard Scott, 1982

The Bushman Candles
Craib, Charles and Lavranos, John 2011

Masterpieces of Bonsai
Takayanagi, Yoshio editor, 1986

Guide to the Aloes of South Africa, 1st ed
Van Wyk, Ben-Erik, 1996

Desert in Bloom – featuring Flora & Cacti of the Desert Southwest
Eppele, David L. 1988

Arizona Cactus, A Guide to Unique Varieties
Arizona Traveler Guidebooks, Renaissance House, 1988

Bromeliads, Tropical Air Plants
Bill Seaborn publication 1976

Cacti and Succulents
Andersohn, Gunter 1983

Mesembs of the World
Smith, Gideon; Chesselet, Pascale; van Jaarsveld, Ernst J.; Hartmann, Heidi; Hammer, Steven van Wyk, Ben-Erik; Burgoyne, Priscilla; Klak, Cornelia; Kurzweil, Hubert 1998

The Book of Cacti and other Succulents
Chidamian, Claude, 1984

Cactus, The Most Beautiful Species and Their Care
Manke, Elizabeth, 1998

Cacti & Their Cultivation
Margaret Martin et al 1971

A Pocket Guide to Cacti and Succulents
Hewitt, Terry, PRC Publishing Ltd., 2004

What Kinda Cactus Izzat?
Manning, Reg, 1976

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti and Other Succulents
Riha, Jan & Subik, Rudolf, 1981

The Cactus Cookbook, Succulent Cooking International
Tate, Joyce, L. 1976

The New Cactus Lexicon – Atlas Descriptions & Illustrations of the Cactus Family
International Cactaceae Systematics Group 2006

Cacti and Succulents for Modern Living
Merchants Publishing Co. 1976

Identifying Cacti- The New Compact Study Guide and Identifier
Charles Galss et al 1996

The Illustrated Reference on Cacti & Other Succulents Vol. 1
Edgar Lamb 1974

The Illustrated Reference on Cacti & Other Succulents Vol. 2
Edgar Lamb 1973

The Illustrated Reference on Cacti & Other Succulents Vol. 3
Edgar Lamb 1975

The Illustrated Reference on Cacti & Other Succulents Vol. 4
Edgar Lamb 1977

Cryptanthus: One of the Bromeliad Family
Kathy Dorr 1977

Stuck on Cactus – A Beginning Grower’s Guide
Wright, David E. 1996

Pocket Encyclopaedia: Cacti in Color
Lamb, Edgar & Brian, 1969

Cacti – A Wisley Handbook for The Royal Horticultural Society
Innes, Clive, 1988

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti and Other Succulents
Riha, Jan & Subik, Rudolf, 1981

Christmas Cacti – The genus Schlumbergera and its Hybrids
McMillan, A. J. S. 1995

Success with Cacti
Becherer, Franz, 1994

500 Cacti Species and Varieties
Ken Preston-Mafham 2007

The Cacti of Zion National Park
Carolyn Trapp 1969

The Encyclopedia of Cacti
Cullmann, Goetz & Groner 1986

The New Cactus Lexicon – Text Descriptions & Illustrations of the Cactus Family
International Cactaceae Systematics Group 2006

The Cactus Handbook
Haustein, Erik 1988

The Complete Encyclopedia of Cacti
Subik, Rudolf & Kunte, Libor, 2003

70 Common Cacti of the Southwest
Spouthwest Parks and Monuments Asociation 1980

Cacti and Succulents
Innes, Clive 1988

Cacti, A Gardener’s Handbook for their Identification and Cultivation
Barthlott, Wilhelm, 1979

Simon & Schuster’s Guide to Cacti and Succulents

Cacti and Succulents
Smith, Gideon, 2006

The Complete Book of Cactus and Succulents
Hewitt, Terry, 1993

The Instant Guide to Healthy Cacti
Pilbeam, John, 1984

Cacti and Succulents for the Amateur
Glass, Charles, 1978

Cold Hardy Cactus & Succulent Checklist
Stephen M Jankalski

Cacti, An Illustrated Guide to Over 150 Representative Species
Schneck, Marcus 1995

Cacti, Biology and Uses
Nobel, Park S., editor, 2002

The Ultimate Book of Cacti & Succulents
Anderson, Miles, 1998

The World of Cacti
Schuster, Danny, 1990

The Native Cacti of California
Lyman Benson 1969

Growing Classic Cacti
Schneck, Marcus, 1998

Cacti, The Illustrated Dictionary
Rod & Ken Preston-Mafham 1991